TransArtists Workshop programme

TransArtists Workshop programme

The field of artist-in-residence (AiR) places from around the world is in state of constant flux, therefore the focus of the DutchCulture | TransArtists’ workshops is on recognizing and articulating these latest trends.

ON-AiR workshop at ArtEZ, Enschede - visit and artist talk at Villa de Bank

The DutchCulture | TransArtists staff has developed different formats of workshops designed to fit the needs of artists for information regarding residency opportunities, internationalisation and professionalization of their careers. The workshops can either focus on a specific discipline (visual arts, performing arts, film, literature, music, design, curatorial practice and creative industries) or focus on crossover and interdisciplinary opportunities.

We are also organising workshops for (potential) residency organisers, where different models of residency are introduced (research, working on short or long-term projects, retreat, production, public presentation, thematically focused, socially focused residencies etc), each time with examples of relevant spaces, as well as current trends and developments in the field.


The DutchCulture | TransArtists‘ workshop gives insight into the above-mentioned variety and flexibility of artist-in-residence places, in that way encouraging the participants to reflect on their personal needs and developments in connection with working in an international context.

DutchCulture | TransArtists organizes workshops in:

  • The Netherlands: at nearly all the Art Academies throughout the country, , and at several festivals.
  • Throughout Europe and the world together with partner organizations.

Please refer to the TransArtists agenda to see where we have been in the last 3 years. If you are interested in organising, hosting a workshop or would like to collaborate with us, feel free to contact our staff.