Share your experience

Share your experience

Were you an artist in residence? We would like to have your feedback from the artists’ perspective.

Tell us about the work you did during your stay, the people you met, the surroundings, the inspiration. Here you can share your pictures, videos, thoughts, comments, constructive critics, passions, results, unforeseen outcomes, and anything else you would like to share. Remember to include photos and links to your online portfolio!

Was the residency what you expected when you applied? Did you feel welcomed and comfortable? What did you see from your room’s window every day? How did this experience influence your artistic work?

Your feedback is very precious. It gives a better understanding and view about the wide offer of artist in residency opportunities. It helps future residents to make a choice and helps us to better know the places we haven’t been to (and the ones we have been to as well!).

Your comment can stay anonymous or not be published at all if you don’t wish so.

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