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Paid by host:

Capacete offers grants to applicants who do not have access to scholarships and other financial aid through national and international institutions or private donors.

These grants will not cover the fixed participation fee of

R$ 5.000 (approximately U$2100 / Euros 1700 per year).

These fees will remain the responsibility of the grantees.

They also offer opportunities for up to 20 hours a week of paid work to interested participants to help them finance their stay in Rio de Janeiro.

Paid by artist:

The total cost of running the program is R$ 35.000 (approximately U$ 15.000 / Euros 12.000) per participant. Check out Capacete website formost recent the details on the calculation. This cost does not include housing, food, transportation or other expenses that may be incurred by participants.

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Residency program will restart in 2016, please check website for most recent update on the program.

Capacete is a non profit art space which instigates contemporay thought through its more than 17 years of continiopus programing as a research residency institution. It has realized uncountable projects like exhibitions, book, seminars, talks and presentations. Capacete's activities are part of a long term interdisciplinary presence in Rio de Janeiro, which aims to research and document aesthetic, social and political processes in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is an important laboratory that (re)actualises Brazilian complexities. The program integrates the resident artist into this context and helps with logistical aspects of his/her project and is designed as a fluid and adaptive platform of exchange between the participants and the lecturers and advisors. The program offers seminars given by lecturers from different backgrounds. Seminars extend from 3 days to up to 5 days duration. Each lecturer will also do a public talk open to the main public. In addition, different talks, presentations and events will be organized throughout theyear with other guest lecturers.


Each yearly program can culminate in a collective project, designed by the participants, in any number of forms (presentation, performance, publication, exhibition, seminar etc.). It is important to notice that this program was designed for candidates in their beginning of their career. Individuals that already have a certain focus in their work and are searching to contribute to this program in a collective sense.

Accommodation Information

A house located in the neighbourhood of Glória, Rio de Janeiro, which consists of a fully equipped apartment for visiting contributors, a library (in different languages), a small flexible multi-purpose exhibition space, a lecture room, multi-purpose rooms, a garden, 2 fully-equipped kitchens (one in open air for bigger events). Participants can rent a living space in Capacete structure (private or shared room) or may find their own accommodation (see application form). All participants will also be asked to dedicate 8 hours a week to the maintenance of the space (library, program planning, planting, cooking, cleaning etc.).


Capacete is managing three residencies: one in Rio de Janeiro since 1998, a second one in São Paulo since 2009 and a third in a mobile format since 2004.

Contact information

Rua Benjamin constant 131
Rio de Janeiro-RJ

residency [at]