Working on the margins: artist-in-residence programs today

Working on the margins: artist-in-residence programs today

Artist-run artist-in-residence organizations often move in and outside of institutional frameworks in order to facilitate space for the arts on their own terms. What is the urgency to do so and what are the opportunities of taking this position, in exchange with institutions and municipalities?

AiR Platform NL and bkkc teamed up to explore the notion of the margins concerning the practice of artist-in-residence programs from a local and international perspective.

The program starts January 18 with an exhibition about artists-in-residence programs in Brabant, curated by Ron Dirven, director VanGogh artist-in-residence in Zundert. March 29 the exhibition concludes with a conference: Working on the margins, the position of artist-in-residence programs today.

The conference marks the next step in an ongoing critical investigation to adress and evaluate pressing questions concerning the ideas and practice of small, context based artist-in-residence programs, and brings their position in the arts and in society to the fore.

'Working on the margins' is developed after the current situation of artist-in-residence programs in Brabant in conjunction with the encounter - AiR for Experiment which took place in Delft in 2016. During this program we adressed the role and impact of small, context based artist-in-residence programs in different regions in Europe, a program developed in collaboration with artist collective id11, CreArt - European city network and Platform BK.