TH!NK: Art+Architecture camp session on "A Natural Acoustic Studio" in Ghana

TH!NK: Art+Architecture camp session on "A Natural Acoustic Studio" in Ghana

The TH!NK: Art+Architecture camps are design-build camps for learning-by-doing on African architecture, running from September 2012 to August 2014. Applications are welcomed for the session "A Natural Acoustic Studio", which will take place from March 21 to May 7, 2013 in the Sang Arts Village, Northern Ghana.

What: Design-build of a workshop for sound art experimentation and to use it to test-record an acoustic arts production. The project is designed to bring together architects, designers, sound technicians/artists, landscape architects, recording artists, poets, songwriters, musicians and all in the field of natural acoustics. The team responsibility is to design and construct A Natural Acoustic Studio that integrates natural acoustic properties for use in sound arts experimentation, recording and exhibition. Onsite, the team will immerse in the dialectics of observing and drawing on the site-specific conditions to decide on the appropriate design response and construct their proposal. Along the way, the participating musicians, sound technicians, songwriters and interested others will collaborate with indigenous storytellers and musicians to produce sound arts. They will use the created Natural Acoustic Studio to test-record it. They plan to produce a CD/DVD to document the process.

This is a session of TH!NK: Art+Architecture camps that run from September 2012 to August 2014. Project is organized by Nka Foundation in collaboration with CCEIR of the University for Development Studies at Tamale.

When: March 21– May 7, 2013 (Longer or shorter stays can be arranged, if there is space)

Where: Sang Arts Village in Sang, 50 kilometers from Tamale in Northern Ghana

For whom: Architects, designers, electronic media technicians, landscape architects, visual artists, sound artists, songwriters, musicians and all in the field of natural acoustics


Cost: The cost per person for the 6-week camp is 1,040 EUR / 1,350 USD. For a project longer than 6 weeks, add €100 per week. This is based on a team size of 7-13 persons and the team managing the fund. The cost covers accommodation, meals, airport pick up and transfer and other local support.

Paid by the participant:

  • International Flight Expenses (airfare, airport taxes, visa, and immunizations)
  • Personal Expenses (souvenirs, emergency/medical expenses, toiletries, etc.)
  • Medical / Travel Insurance Policy
  • In- Country Travel Expenses Including Any Extra Sightseeing


How to apply: There are no fixed deadlines; applications are accepted until all spots are filled. To apply e-mail your CV/resume, date you are applying and website/examples of your work to Only serious participants need to apply.

Find further information about the programme in the Design Brief:

Organizer's website: