CeRCCa Self-directed Artist Residency

CeRCCa Self-directed Artist Residency

CeRCCa opens its program to artists, critics, researchers and curators interested in participating in self-directed residencies in Llorenç del Penedes, a quiet village located one hour outside of Barcelona and 10 minutes drive to the sea.

The physical development of specific projects is not required during the residency at CeRCCA. Self-directed residencies aim to facilitate a space for research, experimentation to implement artistic and curatorial projects. Individuals who apply can live and work in the space for a maximum of two months and a minimum of two weeks. CeRCCA is able to host individuals or groups of 4 people maximum.

The periods available for Self-Directed Residencies are:

1st Residency: Pedra Seca

24th March – 24th April

Sunday 22nd April (Sant Jordi).
Picnic Cal Figueres + Espai d’Art Les Quintanes. 

2nd Residency:

1st May – 24th June

Saturday 23rd –Sunday 24th (Sant Joan – Festa Major Petita).
Bienal d’Art de Llorenç del Penedes (locations in the village).

3rd Residency:

1st July – 15th August.

10th August (Sant Llorenç – Festa Major).
Espai d’Art Les Quintanes.

4th Residency:

20th August – 1st October

Sunday 28th September.
Casa de Cultura.

CeRCCA accepts applications on ongoing basis. Applicants should clearly indicate their preferred length of stay and scope of activity. Selected applicants will be notified via email.


CeRCCa offers three to four individual double bed rooms, two shared bathrooms, kitchen, library, 40 sq m studio, patio, and wireless internet. For proposals that require production workshops and or other equipment, CeRCCa will initiate the necessary contacts. They offer guidance in finding additional funding for projects and will provide acceptance letters.                                   


The residency studio is available for a fee of 500 euros a month or 270 euros for 15 days. Applicants are responsible for all transportation costs to and from the residency and regional travel, daily expenses, including food and funding for their project, materials, all daily living expenses, including food and medical expenses.

Application requirements

Please send your project proposal and information about your work to cercca@gmail.com.

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