Apply any time

Apply any time

Find here residency programmes that welcome applications all year long. Keep in mind that applying for an artist-in-residence program takes a lot of preparation time: we advise you to check this page on a regular base.

Jan 31, Jul 31

SÍM Residency (Iceland)

The SIM Residency is an international residency located in Reykjavík and run by SÍM, The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists. The residency was formed in 2002 and started with an apartment and studio for one artist in the SÍM – house at Hafnarstræti...

Jan 31

AGA LAB (Netherlands)

AGA LAB is a laboratory for artists, designers and photographers who want to experiment with graphic techniques in the broadest sense. Originally created as a workshop for graphic designers in 1958, they have grown into a well-equipped studio, characterized by a wide range of facilities: (...

Jan 31

ArtBox (Serbia)

Artist-run-spaces, ARTBOX, welcomes artists, curators, academicians with a wide range of backgrounds and diverse practices. ArtBox provides a time of reflection, research, presentation and/or production. It also allows an individual to explore his/her practice within Serbian community; meeting new people, experiencing...

Nov 1, Feb 1, May 1, Aug 1

The Auxiliary (United Kingdom)

The Auxiliary is set in the time and place for artists focussing on art practices that are bold, experimental and challenging. With its distinctive landscape of...

Oct 15, Feb 15

Campos de Gutiérrez (Colombia)

Campos de Gutiérrez is an international residency program for contemporary artists, designers, curators, and art historians housed in a 19th century coffee plantation in the foothills of Medellin, Colombia. Campos emerged from the desire to...

Dec 1, Feb 15

The Unifiedfield (Philippines)

The Unifiedfield is an independent art space and nomadic artist-run organization focusing on the experimental aspects of sound, video and performance art.
Since its inception in 2009, some of the primary goals of The Unifiedfield have been the...

Jul 1, Dec 31, Feb 28

AiR Tilburg - SEA Foundation the Netherlands (Netherlands)

Individually shaped residencies that include bespoke mentoring, intended as development opportunities for professional artists, curators and writers. Artistic merit...

Mar 1

ELEVEN artspace (Germany)

The ELEVEN Art is ²Residence is an international residency program for artists - located in Starzach-Börstingen, Germany. It is a self-administrated non-profit organisation. ELEVEN artspace wants to create an environment for inspiration – a place for artists where they can concentrate on their work, can...

Mar 20

Queens Collective (Morocco)

The Queens Collective is a community art space in Marrakech, Morocco, where creation can blossom through the collective mind. Queens Collective is a multidisciplinary platform for emerging and established, international and local artists and a physical space where its members live, create and...

Apr 1

School of Visual Arts (United States)

SVA’s Summer Residencies in New York City offer artists, designers and creative thinkers time, space and a supportive community in which to develop ideas and focus on their artistic direction. In addition to the time-honored studio residencies, a variety of innovative professional immersion programs...