Apply any time

Apply any time

Find here residency programmes that welcome applications all year long. Keep in mind that applying for an artist-in-residence program takes a lot of preparation time: we advise you to check this page on a regular base.

Cowwarr Art Space (Australia)

The Artist-in-Residence program has been an integral part of the life at the Cowwarr Art Space since 1993. The program attracts the broadest conceivable range of arts practices, related disciplines and nationalities. The country location lends itself to a calm reflective experience which gives rise to opportunities for artistic development.

Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces (Australia)

Gertrude Contemporary offers a range of residency programs for visiting international and interstate, artists and curators. Itprovides professional support to artists in the early stages of their careers through exhibition, studio and associated cultural exchange and public programs which address the...

Mountain Seas (Australia)

The program offers artists up to ten weeks in stunning scenery, with easy access to rugged wilderness, a well-equipped Arts Centre and a beautiful studio to live at the base of Mont Strzelecki.

The Program is open to all types of artists including, but not limited to, painters, ceramicists, sculptors, writers, musicians, ...

Artsource (Australia)

Artsource is the peak representative body for visual artists in Western Australia providing practical support and information services to over 900 members. They use their arts sector connections to provide a wide range of contacts and introductions throughout your residency.

Dreamfarm Eco-Arts Village (Australia)

Dreamfarm Eco-Arts Village is a rural arts, education and environment centre located in the beautiful Huon Valley, Tasmania. They are passionate about uniting creative practice
and environmental stewardship to create a living model of visionary lifestyle possibilities. From the 24 acre property, which features...

Cataract Gorge Artist in Residence Program (Australia)

The Artist in Residence Program is offered by Launceston City Council to artists from any recognised art form including, but not limited to, painting, music, dance, sculpture or writing. The program offers the opportunity to stay at, and be inspired by, the Kings Bridge Cottage at Launceston's...

School of Art, Melbourne Campus (Australia)

Overseas and Australian artists, curators, writers and academics are regularly invited to undertake research in the RMIT School of Art. School studios and research staff host these individuals with the assistance of iAIR, involving them in the School community, supporting their projects and helping facilitate their...

Sydney Olympic Park artist-in-residence program (Australia)

The Sydney Olympic Park artist-in-residence program provides an opportunity for local and international artists to live and work within the community of artists at Newington Armory, a unique heritage-listed site at the Olympic precinct.

The shared studio spaces are designed...

Theme Polar Arts Program (Australia)

This global project offers shipboard residencies to visual artists, photographers and filmmakers. What was originally The Polar Arts Program has now become our Artist in Residence Program since we began expanding our destinations from the Polar regions to an increasing number of other locations around the globe, including Europe...

Critical Path (Australia)

Critical Path is Australia’s leading centre for choreographic enquiry, research and development.

To our international applicants, we offer non-financial residencies in our Research Room. To be eligible for a Research Room Residency, you must be working in choreographic related themes, eg. video production, sound, design, scholarly...