Chinese and English
2 weeks to 2 months
Paid by host 

Accommodation, studio and facilities to artists/curatorsas well as a supporting team.

Paid by artist 

Visa, health insurance, flight ticket, local travel and living cost (around 450USD/month in Taipei).

Application guidelines 

International artists/curators or Republic of China nationals residing abroad, and satisfying the following conditions may apply:

  • Having devoted him/herself to professional art creation or curatorial research for at least three years.
  • Interested in Kuandu Residency Program, and able to propose a practicable plan.
  • Able to propose promotional or educational projects that correspond with his/her creation during the stay in KdMoFA.

Download the application form (inc. guidelines and criteria - to read carefully!) on from KdMoFA’s website or in this word document (.doc). Send it via email only to (Subject: “Application for Kuandu Residency Program”), including following documents:

  • Application form.
  • PowerPoint files of the art creation or work sample (including the portrait and relevant images/videos, etc).
  • Photocopy of passport.

Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

Kuandu Residency Program


The Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts is located within the campus of the National Taipei University of Arts (TUNA). It is the first fine arts museum in Taiwan that is affiliated with an university.The residency program aims to facilitate culture and art interchange among international artists/curators. It offers an opportunity for teachers and students of the TNUA to learn from resident artists/curators as well as to establish platform between the TNUA and the international arts communities. This program is open for both national and international artists.


Organisation of public events held by KdMoFA, such as an artist talk, open studio, workshop or an exhibition.

Accommodation Information 

Private and furnished room.

Studio Information 

2 private studios: one is 144 m2 and the one is 49 m2.

Technical Information 

The museum provides its own working facilities such as wood working equipments. Technicians are available to assist during working hours. Internet is supported on campus.


The museum is located on campus site of TUNA in the edge of Taipei city. The university is 40 minutes away from city center by MRT (public tube). Kuandu area is near the wild bird reservation district and is close to the famous tourist spot-Damshui. This museum can be reached by MRT Kuandu Station Exit 1 and taking TNUA shuttle bus, R35 or R55 to here.


1 Hsueh Yuan Rd
Taipei TPE 112
Taiwan (R.O.C.)
+886-2-2896-1000 ext 2432

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