Film Curating
English, Dutch, French
10 days
Paid by host 

travel costs to Brussels (return ticket – limited amount), accommodation, per diems, fee and a small budget for screening rights costs

Application guidelines 

The applicant should send a CV and a short motivation letter. The motivation letter should clearly state how the resident will benefit from the residency programme and his/her vision of the implementation of gained experiences in the resident’s future career. Please read online the full guidelines to apply.






Kran Film Resident is a residency project initiated by Kran Film Collective in 2013. It merges film and video art practice with theory in order to question the notion of citizenship in contemporary Europe. Migrating, multinational and multipolar network society, is affected by different political, social and economic predicaments, above all growing nationalism. This demands for reformulation of the notion of democracy and the creation of new political identities as democratic citizens. The role of art, including film, is to question dominant socio-political order in a quest for new forms of identities and living together, by challenging and destabilizing present regimes of representability. It is precisely from this point that the residency comes with terms of identity, migration, populism, ecology and overall transformation of the contemporary society.

Kran Film Collective invites cultural operators (programmers, curators, researchers, film professionals) who are interested in independent film and video art to visit Brussels and explore its film and video archives. Thus, archives of moving images present our second focus point. We approach them not as static accumulations of moving images but as vibrant records of our history that bear important answers for the future.

Applicants are invited in an open call to submit a proposal for the residency period of 10 days, focusing each time on another theme that addresses the notion of relational citizenship.



Kran Film Resident is an intense visiting programme, which consists of film and video archive visits, a lecture and a screening programme, and engages with important socio-political questions.

Accommodation Information 


Aalststraat 7-11,
Suite A3.1
1000 Brussels

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