Klondike Institute of Art and Culture


The Artist in Residence Program is located in the Macaulay Residence, built in 1901

The Klondike Institute of Art and Culture accepts applications from visual artists, media artists, interdisciplinary artists and filmmakers for its Artist in Residence program. The residence accommodates up to two artists concurrently for research, development and production of ongoing or new bodies of work. Artists may also have the opportunity to facilitate outreach programs such as talks, workshops and exhibitions, intended to promote interaction and professional development, and provide access to a diverse range of contemporary arts practices and theories within the community.

The Macaulay House is furnished with high-speed wireless internet, a 1.33 GHZ EMAC (MacOS 10.3.9) with CD/DVD Burner, USB and Firewire ports, Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office, and Final Cut software. There is a basic Canon flatbed scanner (no slide attachment) that runs in Classic Mode and an HP4160 Inkjet printer (there is a per page user fee for printing to cover the costs of ink cartridge replacement).

The studios measure 16' x 14' and 13' x 12' respectively and are provided with some natural light and additional portable studio lights and basic furnishings. There may be limited access, by special request, to additional KIAC facilities and equipment.

The building can accommodate two individual artists concurrently. Residents are provided with an individual studio space and bedroom, along with shared living room, bathroom and kitchen areas. The program is located in the Macaulay Residence. Built in 1901, the home is now owned by Parks Canada as part of the Dawson Historical Complex National Historic Site of Canada.