Jentel Artist Residency Program

The Jentel Foundation is located in the natural environment of the Piney Creek Valley. Jentel Artist Residency Program

The Jentel Artist Residency Program offers a peaceful place to work and achieve personal artistic goals in an unfettered environment. The program provides a resource of time and space for artists to create their best work. Jentel supports artists and writers who are hardworking and serious about their intent, who have proven themselves by publication or solo exhibition or who may not necessarily be well known and who show the ability to articulate a personal vision. The program welcomes artists in all media and writers in all genre.

Jentel is a low tech residency.  One studio has a Takach Garfield litho press with a 32 x 48 inch bed suitable for monotypes only. This studio also has a drying rack with fifty 32 x 48 inch racks and roll of 28 inch wide newsprint and is reserved for exclusive use by one resident per session. Assignment of this studio and press is made as part of the initial invitation to Jentel.

Writers using electronic media to create their work need to bring their own hardware and software for use in the studio while at the residency. This includes a printer.  Each writer's studio has satellite Internet access. Streaming movies, Netflix, Hulu, broadcasts and Skype further reduce access and speed, so residents are expected to save these activities for in town at the public library or local coffee house. The computer and printer located in the Loft Library in the Residence are for the general use of residents for email and Internet access.



The artist studios are located in a pole barn, a typical metal ranch outbuilding that is outfitted with ventilation and lighting to accommodate four artists with large, individual 400+ square foot studio spaces. Studios are equipped with two worktables (one on wheels and glass topped at 76 x 34 inches and the other metal topped at 34 x 60 inches), a standard wooden straight back chair, an adjustable stool on wheels, a full length mirror, a day bed, a utility sink with hot and cold water, a small metal trash can, a closed metal cabinet, a paper towel dispenser, broom and dust pan, and good overhead light with both track and fluorescent lights on separate controls.  Flat fourteen foot ceilings enhance the spaciousness of the studio.  A small single window allows visibility to the outdoors and increases the amount of running, usable wall space (11, 13 and 24 continuous running feet) for two dimensional work.

The main house that provides a comfortable living space with communal areas designed for research, recreation, food preparation and dining and relaxation, as well as a private living area for each resident. Each residence has a private room with generous space for sleeping, relaxing and journaling. All rooms have immediate access to the outdoors and to spaces leading to the common areas. Clusters of common washroom facilities are well spaced for easy access and privacy. The library offers a selection of art books, contemporary fiction and reference books along with Internet access. Times Square, the adjacent recreation room, offers a TV, VCR and video library, a CD player, a few board games and a place to relax.