Swedish, German, English
1 to 8 months
Paid by host 

Accommodation, studio and/or theatre space.

Paid by artist 
  • Travel expenses 
  • Living expenses
  • Additional costs for the guest house (app. 280Euro/month)
Application guidelines 

Solo artists as well as collaborating teams of up to six people (available are two 3-bed rooms) may apply.

  • Primarily the quality of the applicants work as indicated by submitted visual and/or accoustical documentation.
  • A record of perfromances/exhibitions and curriculum vitae.
  • Demonstration of a serious and consistent dedication of the professional practice through submitted documents.
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Artist in Residence program


Härjedalen's Artist in Residence Programm is located in Härjedalen, one of Sweden's highest elevated and less populated counties, and under the auspice of “Härjedalens Kulturcentrum” (The Härjedalen Cultural Centre) in a newly renovated timber framed theatre building from 1921, which provides the perfect setting for a truly special Artist-in-residence experience. 

Härjedalens's Artist-in-Residence Programm is one of Sweden's most northern residence programs in a very rural atmosphere, a very quite and inspiring place.

Situated only a short walk from the mystic Nordic nature, the Härjedalens Kulturcentrum offers a fantastic mix. Here, in the peaceful village of Lillhärdal 500km northwest of Stockholm and 400km northeast of Oslo, it will be possible for young artists of many disciplines to enhance their creativity and inventiveness.

Accommodation Information 

Guest house, 5min walk from the Cultural Center, 2 bedroom (2 beds in each), kitchen, bathroom, fully equipped.

Studio Information 

5x5m (for writers, painters)

Technical Information 

Theatre hall, 9x9m, blackbox/whitebox, projection Screen 8x4,5m, dansfloor, mirror wall, to be used by dancers/dance compagnies/theatre companies/performers.


Lillhärdal, Härjedalen, Sweden (Norrland), 110km from the Norwegian border, 500km northwest of Stockholm and 400km northeast of Oslo.

Härjedalens Kulturcentrum,
Enanders väg 25
84080 Lillhärdal

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