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Eyebeam is a nonprofit studio for collaborative experiments with technology toward a more imaginative and just world. Founded in 1997 in Brooklyn by John S. Johnson before moving to the warehouse on West 21st street, Eyebeam was conceived as the very first critical space of its kind, for thinking creatively about how technology was transforming the world. As Chelsea changed, Eyebeam returned to Brooklyn and settled into a former industrial complex overlooking the East River.

There are four Residency Programs at Eyebeam: Research, Impact, Student and Project. The time and purpose of each residency is different, but you will receive financial support, as well as access to top-notch facilities and a dynamic community.  Frequent critiques and mentorship by field leaders—including the monthly Stop Work!—round out the experience.

The Research Residency is for those who want the time and space to completely reinvent their practice. They pursue creative research into the annual focus, and help Eyebeam redefine the meaning of technology. Residents may extend their work after the first year as Honorary Residents, who receive access to facilities and network but no stipend.

Duration: 9 to 12 Months
Commitment: Min. 8 hours a day, 3 days a week, during business hours
Openings: Max. 5 per year (both with and without stipend)*
Living Stipend: $ 26,769.60 (The stipend is determined by doubling the Living Wage in Kings County, and multiplying it by the expected commitment.)
Material Grant: $ 5,000.00 (All residents may apply for a material grant.)

The Impact Residency is a tailored program Eyebeam alums who have an idea they want to pilot and scale into real impact. There must be at least one year between the Research Residency and the application for the Impact Residency. Alums can partner up with collaborators outside of EB and propose a project. Find examples of incredible programs led by Impact Residencies under Community, like the Rap Research Lab, the Master Class, and Radical Networks.

Duration: Max. 5 years
Start Date: Varies
Commitment: Varies
Openings: Max. 5 per year
Financial Support: Variable
Eligibility: Nominated Alums

The Student Residency is for current students 16-21 years old interested in studying the intersection of education, technology, and art. Student Residents will work closely with Impact Residents and be a crucial part of project development. Student Residents must have participated in an Eyebeam program beforehand

Duration: 9 to 12 Months
Start Date: October 2016
Availability:  Minimum 2 hours a day, 3 days a week after school
Openings: 3 openings
Living Stipend: $2,100
Material Grant: $500
Eligibility: Nominations

The Project Residency is a flexible format that allows the organizers to invite artists for a particular project or program at Eyebeam. Current partners include Times Square Arts Alliance and BuzzFeed Open Lab. The project residency is an experimental format which Eyebeam uses to workshop new partnerships, themes and approaches. Applications are generally nomination-based.

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34 35th Street
5th Fl, Unit 26
New York, NY 11232
United States

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