1 - 3 months
Paid by host 

Travel to and from Denmark paid (economy-class or equivalent); stipend of DKK 10,000 a month with accommodation provided.

Application guidelines 

The programme is open to Danish art institutions.

Applications can therefore be made, for example, by art museums, galleries, theatres, orchestras, festivals, educational institutions, local authorities and the like. The applicant must act as host during the residency.

Foreign artists cannot apply themselves, but can contact potential Danish hosts regarding a residency.

Please read the guidlines here.


DIVA Artist-in-residence program

DIVA Artist-in-residence program


DIVA (Danish International Visiting Artists Programme) is a Danish artist-in-residence programme intended primarily to develop the Danish arts scene through the dialogue arising from contact between foreign artists and exponents of the arts in Denmark.

The DIVA program makes it possible for artistic and cultural institutions, local authorities and other professional actors in the field to invite foreign artists and artistic groups to stay in Denmark for an extended period – typically 1-3 months.

Those invited must be professional artists in one of the genres covered by the Danish Arts Council: visual arts, music, literature, and performing arts. Artists not working within these four branches of the arts (i.e. architects, designers, film directors, etc.) are not eligible unless their work is deemed to contribute to the development of the genres covered by the programme.

Accomodation Information 

Living space is provided.

Danish Arts Agency/Visual Arts Centre, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 2
1553 Copenhagen
+45 74 45 00

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