Dar Al-Ma'mûn

Visual arts

Dar Al-Ma'mûn Dar Al-Ma'mûn Dar Al-Ma'mûn Dar Al-Ma'mûn Dar Al-Ma'mûn

Dar Al-Ma'mûn is an artists residency founded by the Ithaque guest house complex located in the Ourika green valley near Marrakesh. Dar Al-Ma'mûn brings a wealth of cultural activities (an exhibition space, a library of over 10,000 books in Arabic and French, a literary translation research centre, cultural and educational activities for children and adults). Dar Al-Ma'mûn is a creating a platform whose purpose is to develop intercultural exchanges and strengthen the contribution of Ithaque's economic and local social development. Dar Al-Ma'mûn is open to artists of all practices: drawing, painting, sculpture, video, photography, performance.

Dar Al-Ma'mûn offers also a translator-in-residence program - read more about it here.

The Ithaque Hotel opens its doors in September 2010. The 1000 square meter building of Dar Al-Ma'mûn will open at the end of the year: the first session of the artist residency will begin in September 2010 on the Ithaque Hotel premises during the precursory phase of Dar Al-Ma'mûn. The four artists selected for this session will share a guest house of 850 square meters.