8 weeks
Paid by host 
  • Cultureland provides for the space in Amsterdam and Starnmeer and a bike  for
    local transport.
  • Cultureland has a material budget of € 500,- meant for material costs only (receipts).
Paid by artist 

Food and travel costs.

Application guidelines 

Read more about the application guidelines here

Art & Science




Cultureland believes a good residency is a period in which there is time for research, reflection and refinement, and is currently looking for projects about the relationship between culture and nature.

Artists are offered a residency period at an urban as well as a rural location:
- 2 weeks in Amsterdam
- 4 weeks at buitenwerkplaats
- 2 weeks in Amsterdam

The residency starts in Amsterdam, where artists can visit art-spaces, the university and several theaters. A kick-off meeting will be organized to meet other professionals and start a conversation about the project. This is followed by a period of 4 weeks at Buitenwerkplaats. Buitenwerkplaats is located amidst the typical Dutch polder-landscape, allowing artists to reflect and work in quiet.

The conclusive working period in Amsterdam is used for making a display of the project in the storefront of Cultureland, where an event is organised to present and discuss the work.


A presentation with a display in  Storefront 181 and an A3 document for the Cultureland archive.

Accommodation Information 

The appartment in Amsterdam is close to the citycentre and there are all means of public transport. At Buitenwerkplaats the artist works and lives in a studio / appartment, including kitchen and bathroom. There is a workshop. A piano is available in the studio, which is next to the orchard in transition to a permaculute garden.

In both places there is no active community around. At Buitenwerkplaats there are other professionals at work, who all come together at lunch time. There are local transport options between Amsterdam and Buitenwerkplaats.

Technical Information 

There is no special equipment available, except a piano. There are spaces for studying, working and getting together. There is a wood and steelworking workshop.

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Starnmeerdijk 6
1488 AG Starnmeer
Admiraal de Ruyterweg 181-I
1056 GD Amsterdam
+31 (0)6 145 97 632

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