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Description of the organisation:
Can Serrat is located in a rustic farmhouse just 45 kilometres outside Barcelona, within the confines of Montserrat Natural Park. The host enjoys supporting artists as they develop their ideas in a communal atmosphere, while free from the usual demands of daily life. Can Serrat operates as an open residency; there is no formal application procedure for attending. However, Can Serrat annually offers 4 Full Stipends (2 writers, 2 visual artists), which entitle the selected artist to a 30-day residency including free accommodation, breakfast and dinner. The residency is open to all artists in all fields regardless of nationality or age.

Description of the residency programme:
Each complete application allocation is reviewed by a committee composed of personalities from the art world (curators and artists).

Grants available for 30-day residency!

How to apply: Full Stipends [ put all documentations to apply in one compressed file and call it with these informations: "your name - visual or writer full stipend - month and year" ] Calendar Each recipient may choose a 30-day time slot for any period of the year, dating up to 12 months from the time of original notification (assuming space is available at that time).

Residency requirements: during their stay at Can Serrat, the selected artist is asked to give one informal lecture concerning their work, open to the public in general. Each year’s artist-in-residence is asked to leave one piece of work as a donation to Can Serrat's permanent collection.

Deadline for Applications Writer Full Stipends Applications will be accepted from : 1) 1st February-1st March 2) 1st July- 1st August Visual Artist Full Stipends Applications will be accepted from : 3) 1st April-1st May 4) 1st October- 1st November. The results of the Full Stipends are announced 2 months after deadline application date.

Resources, Internet connection, library, office, kitchen, computer, printmaking Facilities, dance / performance Practice Space and musical instruments.

3 shared studios


Accommodation can host 5 to 10 artists at the same time including shared bathrooms, toilets, kitchen and both private and shared rooms. Children and partners are allowed to stay.