june, july, aug 2014
Paid by artist 

€500 per month including lunches at weekdays.

Application guidelines 

An application needs to consist out of the following three elements.
1. A projectplan: the period you would like to come and a description of your intentions.
2. An introduction of yourself, consisting of a short resume and possibly an impression of your work relevant to the project you would like te do at Buitenwerkplaats (max 10 images).

Please send your application to If you want to mail, skype, meet or see the place before applying, please send an e-mail!





At the Buitenwerkplaats people work on creative projects and research on landscape. Buitenwerkplaats is also very suitable for all types of business or professional retreats. Writers, musicians, designers, researchers and companies find literally and figuratively the space to get ideas and to work. Space overlooking the panoramic polder landscape of Laag Holland. Quiet and peaceful to think and come to new insights.

There is a vegetable garden and orchard where you can enjoy nature in all seasons and Buitenwerkplaats has a wood- and steelworkshop for the making of things. For the necessary relaxation, there is a sauna and an outdoor swimming pond.

The beautiful polder where Buitenwerkplaats is situated, with monumental farms and meadows with cattle and sheep, is only a half hour drive from Amsterdam. For those who need more time and peace and for international project teams, there are guest rooms.

Buitenwerkplaats does not receive any subsidies and does not provide grants for materials or costs of living. 3 different programs are offered:

No application procedure, just send an e-mail for availability. €220 per week, including lunches at weekdays.

One or two guests are selected from the applications received. Please check Application Guidelines and Criteria on this page. The expense allowance is €500 per month including lunches at weekdays.

Buitenwerkplaats is setting up a landscape laboratory; an open platform and international space to meet, to lodge and work at the theme of our landscape. A growing worldpopulation, shrinking rural regions, intensive and innovative foodproduction, energylandscapes, rise of the sea-level, growing interest for cultural heritage and nature. All these exciting issues will influence the landscape surrounding us. Buitenwerkplaats aims to stimulate the development and exchange of ideas and knowledge, by organizing and hosting projects and events in this field. Buitenwerkplaats will reduce prices for all projects participating in Landscape Laboratory. Contact Buitenwerkplaats at with your project-proposal.
Check the website of Dutch Culture | Trans Artists or for the next call for applications.


Final presentation

Accommodation Information 

Buitenwerkplaats will send you a nice booklet with photo's and a floorplan of the site when you are interested.

Studio Information 

Buitenwerkplaats hosts several people and projects depending on their special needs. Describe the sort of space you need for your project and Buitenwerkplaats will try to fit it in.

Technical Information 

There is no special equipment available, except a very nice piano. There are spaces for studying, working and getting together. The wood and steelworking workshop will be in use this summer for rebuilding the old stables at the facility.


Buitenwerkplaats is situated in a very typical Dutch landscape: A polder, agricultural land 4.3 meters below sea-level, made by draining a lake in 1643. Green meadows with cattle and sheep and the sight of the horizon.

Starnmeerdijk 6
1488 AG Starnmeer
+31 (0)6 145 97 632

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