8 weeks
Paid by host 

Cultureland offers free accommodation in Amsterdam and Buitenwerkplaats. There is a bike available at both locations. The artist is granted a working budget of 500 Euro.

Paid by artist 

The artist arranges the budget for food and travelcosts and a time-away-period of eight weeks.

Application guidelines 

Write a mail to with a motivation (max. two A4), the dates of your interest and a description of your project.

Art & Science




Cultureland invites you to enjoy both the rural estate and the stay in the city, for it is the combination of the two places we think can be very fruitful.

* 2 weeks in Amsterdam
* 4 weeks at Buitenwerkplaats
* 2 weeks in Amsterdam

The retreat starts with a two-week period in Amsterdam. You can explore the theater, galleries and museums and try to meet your fellow professionals.

This is followed by a production period of one month at the Buitenwerkplaats in Starnmeer, surrounded by typical Dutch landscape. Allowing artists to produce and reflect in different surroundings. It is possible to present the result of the residency during the concluding two-week period in Amsterdam.


The outcome depends on the project. We hope you will search for local partners and plan possible outcome in cooperation with them. The window gallery at the Amsterdam-appartment is also available for this purpose.

Accommodation Information 

The appartment in Amsterdam is close to the citycentre and there are all means of public transport.

At Buitenwerkplaats the artist works and lives in a studio / appartment, including kitchen and bathroom. There is a workshop. A piano is available in the studio, which is next to the orchard in transition to a permaculute garden

In both places is no active community around. At Buitenwerkplaats are other professionals at work, who all come together at lunch time.

There are local transport options between Amsterdam and Buitenwerkplaats.

Technical Information 

There is no special equipment available, except a very nice piano. There are spaces for studying, working and getting together. There is a wood and steelworking workshop.


Buitenwerkplaats is situated in a very typical Dutch landscape: A polder, agricultural land 4.3 meters below sea-level, made by draining a lake in 1643. Green meadows with cattle and sheep and the sight of the horizon.

Starnmeerdijk 6
1488 AG Starnmeer
+31 (0)6 145 97 632

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