Portuguese, English, Spanish and French
From 2 weeks to 4 months
Paid by host 

Work space; professional photographer (once each residency program period); curator and executive staff; breakfast and half the expenses of overnight stays.

Paid by artist 
  • Fee of 175,00 Euro (187,00 USD aprox.) per week; if selected upon arrival;
  • Application fee of 10,00 Euro (11,00 USD aprox.); not refunded;
  • Meal’s fee (optional; includes lunch and dinner at local restaurant) 80,00 Euro (86,00 USD aprox.) per week;
  • Donation of a single work to the 4 derring-do artist’s archive (optional).

Note: e-mail them at for special prices for groups (theater or dance companies or schools and institutions enrolling + individual elements)

Application guidelines 

The application must include:

  • A curriculum vitae (two pages maximum, Word.doc or PDF format)
  • An artist’s statement (one page maximum, Word.doc or PDF format)
  • A letter presenting the residency project you wish to undertake (one page maximum, Word (.doc or PDF format)
  • Visual documentation (20 images maximum, jpg format and /or video)
  • The completed application form
  • Application fee of 10,00 Euro


Ongoing until May 2017

4 derring-do artists

4 derring-do artists


4 derring-do artists - Art Residency is an artist curated program based in the town of Viana do Castelo, Portugal. The Residency Program is an initiative born from the idea to create a space where creativity is encouraged, focusing in the construction of the creative process and its development in a place away from distractions of daily routine, taking advantage of the town’s ancient vibe, its quietness and magnificent natural environment. It is a retreat space where artists can create in an intensive clinical process on their work in progress or develop new projects. The main goal is that artists are able to focus on their ideas and projects, enhancing creativity and inspiration and connect, between them, the local community, art organizations and nature.

Originally based on the idea of an encounter between contemporary practices and those using traditional skills, 4 derring-do artists welcomes artists from all disciplines who have a contemporary visual art practice. The residencies are intended for both established and emerging professional artists from all around the world. Artists will work on a self-directed residency and can expand their practice with talks and discussions with their peers, connect with local community, engage in meaningful conversations around global culture and contemporary art. Through peer interaction, discussion groups, studio work, formal lectures, studio visits and contact with local organizations participants gain new ideas and insights that can be applied to creative exploration and the development of their work.

The residency includes the following:

  • Lodging in a guesthouse close to the studio, shared with the other artists;
  • Use of fully equipped kitchen;
  • Breakfast;
  • Discount in local restaurant (lunch and/or dinner, if preferred);
  • Cleaning services (includes linen);
  • Full access to house facilities;
  • Free access to swimming pool/private garden;
  • Use of a bicycle;
  • Wifi;
  • Access to a shared studio (380m2);
  • Technical and logistical support;
  • Access to local artist’s workshops;
  • Access to art gallery/performing venues;
  • Free professional photographer (once each residency program period);
  • Curator and executive staff.

As a 4 derring-do artists guest you will have uninterrupted, self-directed work time. They will not pressure you to deliver finished work; you can focus solely on research and development of ideas. But, in each residency period at 4 derring-do artists, common spaces, optional talks and activities will be conceived to promote not only collaboration between the artists, but to empower ideas between different participants and interdisciplinary learning. 4 derring-do artists embraces the role of being an active platform of thinking, discussion, production and sharing trough weekly meetings as dynamic gatherings open to share and exchange ideas and perspectives among participants.

It will be optional to give a talk, exhibition or workshop as well as working with local organizations. They will help artist make the necessary contacts, approaches and arrangements with different parties if the project requires. 4 derring-do artists works with a curator from an art center as well as with its own art gallery and local organizations. Depending on the nature of the project and the willing of the artist, projects can be submitted to analysis to a curation process but also to be exhibit.

Accommodation Information 

The artists will be lodged at a guesthouse located near the common studio and in the heart of the town with access to private garden and swimming pool. The guesthouse has a fully equipped kitchen and grants access to all its common areas. It also provides breakfast (included in fee), linen and cleaning services. Artists are welcome to enroll in the activities promoted by the guesthouse: bio and organic lunches and dinners, concerts, performances, etc. The guesthouse have three big dormitories with terrace and balcony, men's and women's shower rooms.
The residency programme have accommodation facilities for family and group's but you have to contact them first.

Studio Information 

A common open work space is provided, with 380 square meters and 4 meters high. This space is separated from the lodging (guesthouse) in order to give the artists a fully balance between work and relaxation.


4 derring-do artists is located in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, a village on the north shore of the Lima River as it reaches the Atlantic Ocean, about 75 kms from the vibrant city of Porto (airport) and 385 kms from Lisbon, Portugal’s Capital city. The region features a strong presence of ancient history, preserved traditions, gastronomic culture and has several natural attractions: forests and mountain sites, beaches along with the maritime atmosphere of the river.

Rua Manuel Espregueira 6
4900-318 Viana do Castelo

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