Mutual artist-in-residence Impulse

Mutual artist-in-residence Impulse

With partners in other countries the TransArtists desk develops long-term international projects under the title 'Mutual artist-in-residence Impulse', shortly 'Mutual Impulse'.

The aim of all Mutual Impulse projects is to exchange knowledge and experiences of artist-in-residence potential with other world regions. Each Mutual Impulse project comes from curiosity ánd necessity: artist-in-residence programmes are in situations of transition: either just starting, or developing, or finding new ways of operating. How to deal with these challenges? What can we learn from each other?

Time, collaboration, reciprocity, context

Take Time: we take time to get to know the artist-in-residence potential elsewhere, to learn from each other, to meet and share experiences, to think practically as well as conceptually, to reach forward to future strategies and tactics.

Share: we work together with partners. We share knowledge and experience in AiR matters, while recognizing differences in contexts and urgencies.

Both ways: we foster reciprocity. No one-way culture traffic, no promotion. We strive for mutual exchange of experience with artists, AiR providers, and related organizations in other world regions. How elsewhere people give form to the concept of artist-in-residence is learnful and fruitful for the Dutch AiR field, and the other way round.

Context: different situations produce different questions, to which different answers can be given. It is a matter of considerate adjustment of the expertise of the Dutch AiR sector to the specificities of other world regions, and vice versa.

Former Mutual Impulse: